Monday, November 21, 2005

Me in Rachel

Hello, today for my blog, I’m Rachel.

Today, during the afternoon, I went to the Central Park for coffee and I had fun but now, I am at my apartment. I prepared supper because tonight, my father, my mother and my brother are coming eat here. I have a very good relationship with my brother, but my parents are very boring. Each time my parents come here, they just talk about, how I don’t have a good job, how my food is bad and how I am wasting my time in my life. I hate that, but I just smile and I seem happy about their visit. I feel very bad with their attitude. It’s not because I hate my parents, but it’s not the same with my brother. Ross is a fantastic man. Ross takes my defence all the time, and I like it. Ross is the best brother I could have. I like spending time with him.

Monday, October 31, 2005

Me in the show

Today I’m Ross in the Ffriends TV show. I’m Ross because he’s the person who is the most like me. I’m not a fan about any TV Series because I think that your story about your life is not funny and not interesting. I’m a person who doesn’t like normal life. For all these reasons, I’m not able to visualize myself in a TV Show. But today I’m Ross and I think all my other friends are really stupid because everybody talks about a ridiculous subject. I’m not able to listen to that is story and Ross will not have friends for that. I’m able to laugh but in the real me, I think that is really tiresome. I don’t know how a producer will be able to put me in this season. That impossible!

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Questions / Answers

Q1 What Ross received for his birthday from his two friends?
A1 Ross received for his birthday a ticket for the Ranger’s hockey game.

Q2 What Rachel received by the mail?
A2 Rachel received a cheque from his last job.

Q3 Why Rachel was not happy from this cheque?
A3 Rachel was not happy because this cheque was less that she was wish.

Q4 Which one of the type of pizza was bough Rachel and which one she received?
A4 Rachel Received an all dress pizza and she called for a cheese pizza.

Q5 Why Ross gone to the emergency?
A5 Ross gone to the emergency because he hunted by a hockey’s pock.

Q6 Which game played everybody at the end of the emission?
A6 Everybody played at twister at the end of the emission.

Monday, September 26, 2005

TV Journal Assignment #2

Everything began in a coffee shop with many friends. Everybody related theirown news about the last week. The next day, Ross worked at the prehistory museum. During the day Karla went to the museum to tell Ross an important message. Karla saw that she waspregnant and Ross was the father, but the problem was that Karla is lesbian with Suzan. After that news, Ross was very disturbed and went to see Monica for a meeting with Monica’s parents. At the end of the episode, everybody was in the lounge, and talking about nothing but, that was funny, that was the same about a humorist show but on tv.

Monday, September 19, 2005

my tv program

The program is about six friends (3 boys and 3 girls), the main caracter is Ross, a man who isabout 25 years old. He is single and living with a few of his friends. All the action is in a coffee shop, and in the lounge of an appartment. One of Ross’s best friends, is Karla and she is pregnant (Ross is the father). That will be the first baby in the circle of these friends. All the other friends are single. After the first episode, we don’t know who studies a the university, and who works anywhere. But we can see that all the friends are the same age. Monica is one of the other caracters have a parents very sickening and She does not like it. I think that is all the important information to know about this TV Show. I am eager to know what will be happen at the end of the season.